AeroMobil's flying car gets a hybrid version

09/19/2017 23:27:01
AeroMobil's flying car gets a hybrid version
Of course this year’s Frankfurt motor show has seen a various numbers of automobiles, which but a flying hybrid the world has seen for the first time

Of course this year’s Frankfurt motor show has seen a various numbers of automobiles, which differ by colors, shape and their features. But even in place with hundreds of cars, there was one which you couldn’t skip, because it’s much more different. This hybrid deploys a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that is used to drive an electric front wheel drive system that uses two electric motors and an electric differential for a total 110 horsepower ... which also has a wingspan of 8,800 mm.



While the AeroMobil from the Bratislava-based company of the same name is a car that goes from 0 62 miles per hour in what the company says is in 10 seconds and a top speed of 100 mph, it is also a two-passenger aircraft with a maximum cruising range of some 466 miles. When the vehicle is being used as an aircraft rather than a motor vehicle, the turbocharged engine provides approximately 300 horsepower to the rear-mounted, direct-drive, variable pitch propeller. The AeroMobil switches from a car to a plane in about three minutes. Any prospective driver must also be a pilot



Not only would one need a driver’s license to drive the AeroMobil on public roads, a pilot’s license is required for flying it. This is a real airplane, not one of those autonomous crafts that are expected to be available a never-arriving few years out. Speaking of a few years, the first delivery is said to be in 2020 with a production run on the order of 500 units. Price? On the order of 1.2 million euros.


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